Microsoft Office for Mac Tools and Scripts

DownloadMailToOutlookSimple PKG installer that sets the default e-mail app to Outlook instead of the built-in Mail app (JAMF compatible)
View/DownloadOutlook Support UtilitiesOutlookSearchRepair, OutlookResetPreferences, SetDefaultMailApp, ResetRecentAddresses
View/DownloadFlightResetRemoves and resets the flighting configuration for Outlook 2016 for Mac
View/DownloadLicense Removal ToolOfficial Microsoft tool to remove all Office 2016 licenses from a computer
View/DownloadOutlookFontPokeSets default compose and reply font from the command-line for Outlook 2016 for Mac
View/DownloadUnlicenseRemoves volume and/or Office 365 licenses from an Office 2016 for Mac installation
View/DownloadO365SharedActivatorAllows all users on the same computer to share the same Office 365 Subscription
View/DownloadMAUCacheAdminTool for setting up your own Microsoft AutoUpdate Caching Server
View/DownloadRemove2011Removes Office 2011 from your computer
View/DownloadOfficeCDNCheckReports which versions of Office apps are available on the Microsoft CDN
View/DownloadGalleryViewPokeEnables and disables the default gallery view in Office 2016 for Mac applications
View/DownloadCrashLoggerEnables and manages the ability for Microsoft Error Reporting to save application crash logs to disk
View/DownloadOutlookDBVerReports the version of the Outlook 2016 database
View/DownloadOfficeDetectDetects and reports out Office 2016 for Mac installation and configuration
View/DownloadNukeOffKeychainRemoves all keychain entries from an Office 2016 for Mac installation
View/DownloadDisableStoreRemoves the Store and Add-in icons from the ribbon in Office 2016 for Mac apps